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Educational Technology Lab
SAMY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION - ET Laboratory The college has well equipped Technology lab with slide projector, overhead projector, LCD, Television, VCR, geometrical figures, models, charts, maps, transparencies, slides, white board, flannel board, etc. of standard quality.
Technology lab is being utilized by all the lecturers and B.Ed Students. The students are acquainted with knowledge, uses, working and operation of various technology & aids. The students have to prepare transparencies, PowerPoint presentations, charts, models in their teaching subjects.
Psychology Laboratory
Psychological tests have been proned to possess great utility in many spheres like guidance, appointments, selection for tracing, classification, according to level of intelligence, prediction, diagnosis and research in the field of education.
The college has a good psychology lab that trains the students in applying the knowledge of principles of educational psychology and techniques to facilitate optimum development of integrated personality.
Computer Lab
Computers are not something alien any more, rather they are a way of life. No successful manager of entrepreneur can survive without full utilizing the potential and speed that is given through computerization. That is why SAMY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has created the most optimum and advance computer center.
All the computers are connected via a Local Area Network. The hardware configuration of the computer center are Pentium IV processors and equipped with latest version of software's and provides internet connectivity round the clock to students on totally cost free basis.
  • Working hours of library are generally 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. However, at the time of examinations, it is kept open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. So also, on Sundays and holidays. Changes in timings are notified from time to time.
  • Book lending facility is available for home reading and for Reading Hall also to all students, faculty members and other supported staff of college.
  • Teaching Aids like maps, charts, outlines, globe geometry instruments are provided through library.
  • Open Access to Reference and Periodical Section - It is also available on request to general sections also.
  • Book shows are arranged for collection orientation.
  • Internet facility is also available.
The on-campus facilities for indoor & outdoor sports includes Table Tennis, Carm Board, Chess, Hand Ball, Volly Ball, Gym and Track & Field Athletic Events. The Institute supports the Students Sport Club and is achieving considerable success in the expansion of intramural and recreational programmes.
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