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Heartily Welcome to SAMY COLLEGE OF EDUCATION - An institution with a revolution. The destiny of a nation is being shaped in the classrooms and we are instrumental in producing the designers. Ours is an Incredible Indian Vision whose motto is "in giving we receive".
SAMY College of Education - Thambichettipatti Dharmapuri -635305, Tamilnadu is governed by Vadiviyammal Ramasamy Educational Trust and founded by Chairman Dr.ARUVIAR VEDIYAPPAN who have Strong Interest in uplifting the life of women and men in and around tamilnadu.
We are affiliated to the TamilNadu Teachers Education Unviersity, recognized by NCTE
The College conducts academic programmes leading to B.Ed. degrees participating in welfare and community activities and organizing educational extension work.
The mission of the Society, including the Institutions Aims and objectives in terms of addressing the needs of the society. The college addressed for the need of the society for good teacher all the educational need of the future teachers are addressed by the institution.
The vision, is bright future of the young students and the mission is to provide quality education to the student to improve their best teaching with the students for future building and as such the College Management is committed to the educational values in particular and human values in general.

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